(HBO) - Chua Thac Bo Temple has been considered as one of the most famous spiritual and cultural tourism destinations in the Northwest region. The area of Hoa Binh lake is likened to Ha Long Bay on land.

At the beginning of the new year, visitors coming here all have a feeling of relaxation and peace when being in harmony with nature, enjoying the charming beauty of the river along with the rustic cultural beauty, the harmony between nature and beliefs, making visitors find the serenity and tranquility, wishing for a favorable year. Some pictures recorded in the early days of the year of the Cat in 2023 within the area of Hoa Binh Lake and Chua Thac Bo Temple.

Chua Thac Bo Temple is a famous spiritual and cultural tourism destination of Hoa Binh province.

The guides from travel companies are leading the groups of people visiting Hoa the area of Binh Lake and worshiping Chua Lord Thac Bo Temple

The boats on Bich Ha port (Hoa Binh city) are ready to serve tourists.

At Bich Ha port, there are many tourism boats for visitors to choose from.

There are a lot of tourists coming to Chua Thac Bo temple.

Boats are busy in the area within Hoa Binh Lake.

The national flags on boats have created more joyful atmosphere in the touris area withi Hoa Binh Lake. 


The mountains on the lake surface are as calm as a miniature Ha Long. 


Thac Bo Cave is always visited by a large number of tourists. 

Wishing a good year. 

The stalactites are honed by nature into many different and unique shapes.

A young woman poses while traveling in the spring in the area within Hoa Binh lake.

The national flags on boats have created more joyful atmosphere in the touris area withi Hoa Binh Lake.

The grilled fish and grilled shrimp from the river are always attractive to tourists when traveling at Chua Thac Bo temple.

Developing the cage fish farming in the area within Hoa Binh lake.

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