(HBO) - Becoming a professional athlete, winning medals in domestic and international sports arenas is a conquering dream and a desire of many sports talents. The journey to become a professional sports player has never been easy. Currently, the province's sports sector is always trying to perform the top task of training and coaching the athletes so that they can devote their talents and bring the glory to the sports of the province in particular and Vietnamese sports in general.

Mr. Bui Van Hieu from Lac Luong commune (Yen Thuy) is competing at the National Mountain Bicycle Championship for the Youth and the National Terrain Bicycle Championship in 2019 with high achievements.

At present, the School for the Gifted, Training and Sports Competition is specialized in sports training in the province. Every year, the school's teachers and coaches come to the localities to select the promising faces with the outstanding achievements at grassroots competitions. In the school year of 2019 - 2020, the school has welcomed 42 new students being trained in 7 gifted classes. They are bicycle, athletics, weightlifting, boxing, pencak silat, karate and taekwondo classes. At the same time, they selected and trained 15 athletes with high achievements for the province. They have consulted the leaders of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to select 9 high-performance athletes to compete for the provincial team. They have also selected 180 turns of athletes to compete in 22 regional and national sports tournaments, winning 34 gold medals, 25 silver medals and 18 bronze medals. Two cyclists have been summoned to the national team. Four champion athletes and 7 athletes have been recognized as national athletes at level 1.

"The project for developing sports in Hoa Binh province in the period of 2016 - 2020, with the orientation to 2030” clearly states the task of developing high-achievement sports and physical training: Focusing on developing sports in the competition program at the national championships, the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games); increasing investment in sports such as bicycles, pencak silat, weightlifting that Hoa Binh athletes have achieved high results in the National Sports and Physical Education Congress, the national championships, and the sports with the stable development in quantity and quality; paying attention to the investment resources for the development of key sports; The task of developing the training system high-performance athletes on 3 routes I, II and III; developing a plan for high-performance sports, dividing into 3 groups: bicycles, pencak silat, weightliffting (group I); athletics, boxing, karatedo, taekwondo (group II) and group III include amateur gifted classes at the Center of Culture and Sports of the districts and the city; building a team of athletes adjacent to the key sports and maintaining sports, gradually improving in 3 routes according to the specific time; building the medal targets at the Tenth National Sports and Physical Training Congress in 2026, 11th National Sports and Physical Education Congress in 2030.

Cycling is one of the sports that has been paid attention to and invested for development with the talented faces such as Dinh Van Linh, Bui Van Nhat, Bui Van Hieu ... These names have been marked in the domestic competitions and they are expected to win a lot of medals in the international sports arenas.

In recent years, the province has always been trying to develop sports in general and sports with high achievement in particular. The selection of the gifted students and athletes has been carefully done. For the athletes achieving high levels, the sports sector always focuses on investing in facilities, equipment for their training needs, giving them the adequate remuneration policies and scientific and effective training. Thereby, it can create a stepping stone to help the province sports improve constantly, affirming its position in the professional sports arena.


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