(HBO) - The provincial General Hospital has just organized a peak period to implement the movement of 5S and building a green - clean - beautiful health environment, with the goal of improving the environmental sanitation, treating the medical waste and creating green - clean – beautiful environment, contributing to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment and protecting people's health 

The leaders of the Provincial General Hospital are awarding the first prize to the Anesthesia Department.

During the implementation period, the departments have had many specific, practical and positive activities such as: screening and arranging the departments neatly, scientifically and easy to observe, to find and to see based on 5S criteria. They have bought more plants and decorative items to create a comfortable and relaxing working space. The have also developed a plan for assigning the implementation of 5S. The movement has been responded by 100% of the cadres, the officials and the employees in all departments with the spirit of determination to improve the working environment and create the satisfaction for patients and their family members. The implementation of the Week of 5S and the Green - Clean - Beautiful Hospital has helped to improve the entire face of all the departments, creating a inspiring motivation for the employees.

At the end of the Week of 5S and the Green - Clean – Beautiful Hospital, the first prize was given to the Anesthesia Department; 2 second prizes were awarded to General Surgery Department and Infection Control- Microbiology Department; three third prizes were awarded to the Ent – Eye – Odontology, Nutrition and Diagnostic Imaging departments.

The implementation of 5S and the Green - Clean - Beautiful Hospital will continue to be implemented by the Provincial General Hospital to concretize the goal of improving the quality of the hospital.

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