(HBO) – Implementing the Party Central Committee’s Resolution 29 on fundamental and comprehensive education and training reforms, and the resolution of the district Party congress in 2015-2020 tenure, the education sector in Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, has gained significant achievements in the field, as seen in improved education quality and better discipline and order at local schools.


A class at Hoa Hong kindergarten in Vu Ban town, Lac Son district – a school meeting second-level national standards since 2016.

The district is home to 60 kindergartens, primary schools, and junior and senior high schools, with 202 school sites. The district authority spends over 53 billion VND (2.3 million USD) annually investing in building infrastructure and equipment for local schools, thus raising the ratio of permanent classrooms to 92 percent, facilitating the learning and teaching activities.

At the beginning of the 2015-2020 period, only 45 percent of educational officials and teachers had necessary qualification. The rate now surpasses 80 percent, and is expected to exceed 90 percent at the end of 2021.

The district has made proper investment in improving the education quality. It has been among the top four localities in Hoa Binh with the largest number of students winning prizes at provincial contests for excellent students for several years. More than 98 percent of students graduate from secondary and high schools annually. The local community-based learning centre and the continuing education centre have contributed to enhancing knowledge for local workers. Forty-one out of the 89 schools in the locality have met national standards.

Bui Van Danh, head of the district’s education and training department, said building on these achievements, the education sector will continue advising local authorities in how to push ahead with fundamental and comprehensive education reforms, with a focus on building more schools with national standards, and promoting personnel training to raise the quality of the contingent of teachers, thus further raising educational quality./.


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