(HBO) - In 2 days (August 12nd-13rd), in Hoa Binh city, the Dariu Foundation held the training session for about 150 informatics teachers from secondary and high schools in the province on how to apply Microbit circuits and the Internet of Things (IOT). This is one of the practical activities of the Dariu Foundation to support Hoa Binh Education implement the digital transformation, contributing to improving the quality of comprehensive education.

The representatives from the Dariu Foundation are giving the technical guidance to about 150 informatics teachers all over the province on how to apply Microbit circuits and the Internet of Things to create digital technology products.

The Dariu Foundation has been implementing the project in Hoa Binh since 2020. Since then, the Foundation has supported Hoa Binh Education to provide professional training for 2,805 informatics teachers at all levels with the content relating to Scratch programming, Microbits and Python. Along with that, they have funded/lent the educational equipment for the schools to implement educational activities using digital technology, including 400 laptops and nearly 1,000 smartphones; they have also sponsored more than 1,000 programming devices such as Microbit circuits (V1,V2,V3), expansion circuits, sensors… Especially, the Dariu Foundation has supported the establishment and management of 86 STEM/STEAM clubs, funding for 15 clubs to implement 15 STEM projects, innovative robots... In general, the support and sponsorship activities of the Dariu Foundation for Hoa Binh education have been evaluated as practical, meaningful activity and it has been contributing an effective part in the digital transformation process of the provincial education and training sector.

It is known that the Dariu Foundation was established in 2002 in Switzerland and it has been licensed to establish a Project Office in Vietnam since 2007. Since its establishment, the Dariu Foundation has supported Vietnamese partners implement projects on microfinance, popularizing digital skills, giving scholarships to the students with difficult circumstances, sponsoring vocational training scholarships, sponsoring school construction... In recent years, the Dariu Foundation has also allowed the students with difficult circumstances to borrow laptops to serve their studies.

Related Topics

The workshop “Students with a green lifestyle - green behavior”

(HBO) - On November 25, in Hoa Binh City, the Ministry of Education and Training collaborated with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in Vietnam to organize a seminar "Students with a green lifestyle - green behavior”. There was the participation of the representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training, UNICEF Vietnam, the leaders of the Departments of Education and Training of Hoa Binh and Lang Son provinces and the representatives of the students from 15 provinces and cities, including Hanoi and 14 northern midland and mountainous provinces.

Two charity houses handed over to needy families in Thung Nai

(HBO) - Two charity houses were presented to poor households in Tien hamlet in Thung Nai commune of Cao Phong district at a ceremony on November 21.

Hoa Binh Women's Union guiding implementation of project on gender equality

(HBO) - The Women's Union of Hoa Binh province held a conference on November 17-18 to guide improving gender mainstreaming capacity; establishing, operating and implementing models, clubs and activities of a project on promoting gender equality and solving urgent problems for women and children (Project 8) under the national target programme on socio-economic development in ethnic-inhabited and mountainous areas for the 2021-2030 period - Phase I (2021-2025).

Conference "Implementing the gender equality and solving the urgent problems for women and children”

(HBO) - On November 16th, the Provincial Women's Union held a conference to implement project 8, "Implementing the gender equality and solving the urgent problems for women and children” at the provincial level in 2022There were representatives of leaders from the provincial Women's Union and 80 delegates from 10 districts and the city attending the conference.

The practical career guidance, creating jobs for the members of the Youth Communist Union and young people

(HBO) - In recent years, the work of vocational guidance and job creation for young people has been paid attention to by all levels and sectors and achieved many positive results. The propaganda on careers and jobs for young people has been implemented by various levels of the provincial Youth Communist Union in the various and practical forms.

Ministry launches anti-drug movement in Hoa Binh

(HBO) – The Ministry of Public Security’s Drug Crime Investigation Police Department in collaboration with the Hoa Binh Police launched a movement for drug prevention and control and deployed forces for a related communications campaign, at a ceremony held in Tan Lac district on November 17.