(HBO) – Lac Son, a large district whose area exceeds 58,700 ha, consists of Vu Ban township and 23 communes. It has potential to develop eco-tourism, resorts, and commercial and industrial services, among others. Recently, the district has coordinated with relevant departments, branches and units to accelerate progress of its regional planning and zoning plans to meet development requirements.

Lac Son is designing an urban development plan for Vu Ban township. 

Bui Van Linh, Chairman of the Lac Son People's Committee, said the committee has been building and managing 33 projects serving the planning. 

So far, Vu Ban township has been planned and upgraded to an urban area worthy of being the centre of the district. Local communes have also been organised to build new-style rural planning for best exploiting their development potential and creating favourable conditions for investment attraction. 

The congress of the district’s Party Committee has determined that Lac Son will strive to obtain an average development level in Hoa Binh, with its economy developed on the basis of agricultural products and tourism in association with its natural advantages. 

According to its planning, the local urban and industrial development zone includes Vu Ban, Yen Nghiep, An Nghia, Tan My, Huong Nhuong, Yen Phu, Xuat Hoa, Nhan Nghia, and Tan Lap. 

The tourism and service development zone covers Tu Do, Ngoc Son, Ngoc Lau, Quy Hoa, Mien Doi, Van Nghia, and Binh Hem. 

High-quality agriculture and forestry development areas include Van Son, Thuong Coc, Quyet Thang, Chi Dao, Dinh Cu, Vu Binh, My Thanh, and Tuan Dao. 

Meanwhile, the local industrial development area is expected to host a series of industrial parks such as the 500ha Huong Nhuong - Tan My, and 240ha Yen Nghiep - Lac Thinh. 

In addition, the planning eyes the status of a Grade 4 urban area for Lac Son in 2030 - 2040. 

Currently, the district is working to promote investment attraction, support businesses to deploy investment projects, and build the district into a tourism-resort-healthcare hub in the region and in the nation.

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