(HBO) - Mien Doi (Lac Son) in the ripen rice crop is as beautiful as a picture. The terraced fields are soft, golden, layered and layered along the hillside, successively standing out in the green space of the mountains and forests. The air is fresh and cool, the grassland is green, the spring is clear, the stilt houses are traditional, and the people are gentle, friendly, hospitable people with the delicious cuisine. Mien Doi promises to be an interesting destination for those who love to experience and explore.

Tourism establishments, craft villages in Mai Chau district grappling with COVID-19

(HBO) – Tourism activities and craft villages in Mai Chau district are experiencing a period of stagnation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. A number of households earning their living from tourism and traditional crafts are struggling due to unstable livelihoods and income.

Ngoi village - attractive community-based tourist site

(HBO) - Located in the Hoa Binh lake tourist complex, Ngoi village in Tan Lac district's Suoi Hoa commune, is one of community-based tourist attractions that have been put into operation not long ago. Thanks to the rustic and pristine look, this place has become a familiar address for tourists.

The charm of Trang waterfall

(HBO) - Pure and refreshing air, tranquil space and beautiful pristine landscapes can be found at the Trang waterfall in Trang Ta hamlet of Nhan My commune (Tan Lac district), which is hailed as one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Hoa Binh province.

Developing rural tourism helps improve quality of new-style rural area building

(HBO) - In the past time, rural tourism in Hoa Binh province has developed rapidly with many unique models attracting tourists such as experiencing orange gardens, tea hills or exploring natural reserve centres, craft villages and local culture at community-based tourism sites.

Tourism hamlet quiet amidst COVID-19 pandemic

(HBO) - Coming to Sung hamlet in Cao Son commune (Da Bac), which is on the track of becoming a tourist attraction, on these days, it is quiet. Five years ago, the development of community-based tourism opened up a promising direction for the hamlet inhabited by the Dao ethnic minority group. However, in the past two years, locals can only sigh because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mu Waterfalls attractive to visitors during summer days

(HBO) - Located in Mu Khuong village, Lac Son district’s Tu Do commune, Mu Waterfalls has been renowned as one of Hoa Binh’s most beautiful nature waterfalls, attracting a large crowd of visitors during weekends.

Exploring the fair within the lake area

(HBO) - On the journey of "traveling to the mountains, enjoying the water” in Hoa Binh lake area, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the fair by the river. The fair usually opens before dawn and it does not take too long, so take advantage of going to the fair whenever you get a chance.

"Farmers doing homestay” group launched

(HBO) – The Farmers’ Association in Mai Chau district has just launched a chapter named "Farmers doing homestay” in Lac village, Chieng Chau commune.

Thac Bo Temple - well-known spiritual tourist site

(HBO) – Located about 100km from Hanoi, Thac Bo Temple is a famous spiritual tourist destination in Hoa Binh. The site was listed as a national relic site by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism in 2009.

Mai Chau district moves to manage, capitalise on local relic sites

(HBO) – Mai Chau district is home to 25 relic sites, including five of national importance (two archaeological and three landscape sites). The remainders have been surveyed and listed among the relic and landscape sites of Hoa Binh province.

Hoa Binh taps potential for community-based tourism development

(HBO) – Community-based tourism has been opted by many localities in Hoa Binh province as the model has spurred sustainable development, generated more jobs and helped to raise living standards of ethnic minority groups.

Discovering Mai Chau Hideaway resort in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - Mai Chau Hideaway officially came into operation in April 2018 with 31 rooms meeting 3-star standards. It is only 130km away from the hustle bustle of Hanoi.

Hoa Binh invests in developing new ecotourism sites

(HBO) - A number of new ecotourism destinations such as Mai Chau Hideaway, Bakhan Village Resort in the Hoa Binh Lake tourist site have been put into operation since 2017.

“Waking up” Hoa Binh tourism

(HBO) There are beautiful natural landscapes from the primeval forests, the majestic caves, the poetic lakes and waterfalls, the terraced fields and winding steepy passes. The unique Hoa Binh culture is likened to an "epic land”. Hoa Binh tourism has been "awakened” thanks to these potentials, advantages, diverse and precious colors. 

Hoa Binh builds five-year tourism development plan

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province on June 10 held a meeting to gather ideas on the contents of a tourism development plan in the 2021-2025 period with a vision to 2030. Nguyen Van Toan, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee and head of the provincial Steering Committee for Tourism Development chaired the meeting.

Provincial smart tourism portal handed over

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial Department of Information and Communications in collaboration with VNPT Hoa Binh held a ceremony to hand over a smart tourism portal to the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism for management, operation and use. Attending the event was Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Toan.

Muong Bi brings potential into full play to develop tourism

(HBO) - Tan Lac district, also known as Muong Bi, is considered as one of the four major Muong regions of Hoa Binh province. Muong Bi, with its rich Muong ethnic culture and beautiful landscapes, holds great potential for the development of various types of tourism.

Wakening potential of Da Bac lake

(HBO) - The Party organisation and people of the upland district of Da Bac in Hoa Binh province are embarking on the implementation of the Resolution of the 25th Congress of the district's Party organisation and renewing the way of thinking and working style, with a focus on developing agriculture, fishery, and husbandry in areas with favourable conditions.

Dry season in Mu waterfall

(HBO) - On such sunny and scorching summer days, Lac Son mountainous area has been a haven for tourists. It is home to wonderful, breezy and impressive landscapes like Bai Bui (Ngoc Son commune), Mu waterfall (Tu Do commune), Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong nature reserve and hamlets lying on the foot of the mountain. Of them, Mu waterfall, a gift of Mother Nature, has become a magnet to backpackers and tourists.

Ngoi village – an ideal destination for visitors in summer

(HBO) – Boasting untouched picturesque beauty with caves, waterfalls, stilt houses and traditional practices, the community-based tourism village of Ngoi in Suoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, is among the attractive destinations for nature lovers during this summer holiday.

Da Bac focuses on boosting community-based tourism development

(HBO) – Over the past years, Da Bac district of Hoa Binh province has mobilised resources and designed policies to promote and attract investment in tourism development, especially community-based tourism.

Removing bottlenecks for investment projects in Hoa Binh reservoir

(HBO) - Boasting spectacular landscapes and cool, fresh air, Hoa Binh reservoir is dubbed as Ha Long Bay on land. The reservoir has caught interest from many investors who aim to turn it into a famous tourist destination with typical tourism products in the northern region.

Green tour to visit Muong ethnic group’s community cultural hamlet in Suoi Hoa commune and experience water games launched

(HBO) - Hoa Binh Tourism joint Stock Company on April 28 launched a green tour of a community cultural hamlet of Muong ethnic group in Suoi Hoa commune and experience water games at the floating house complex in Ngoi hamlet in Tan Lac district’s Suoi Hoa commune.

Kim Boi district – charming destination of ecological, leisure tourism

(HBO) – Kim Boi district of Hoa Binh province welcomed 20,000 tourist arrivals and earned more than 18 billion VND (780,000 USD) in tourism revenue in the first three months of 2021. Thanks to the COVID-19 containment, the number of visitors to local places of interest has been growing strongly, especially on the weekend.