(HBO) - Being a mountainous province with a lot of different ethnic minorities, Hoa Binh has a diverse and rich cultural identity of the Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao and Mong ethnic people, which has been kept in many hamlets and villages. Hoa Binh is also the cradle of the famous "Hoa Binh culture”, the home of the epic "Laying the land, laying water” with 41 cultural and historical relics, which have been ranked at the national level, 58 provincial-level relics and many folk festivals of the ethnic groups...

Nuts for bananas: a snack of youth

To many Mekong Delta locals, grilled banana dipped in coconut milk represents a vessel of delightful childhood memories.

Exploiting the potential of tourism development in Da Bac district

(HBO) - With the advantages of nature and the cultural identity, Da Bac district has been identified as a key tourism development of the province. In the district there are a lot of communes located along the area of Hoa Binh lake, where there is pristine scenery, the air is fresh and there are many large and small islands, which is an opportunity for tourists to enjoy and relax when they come back to the cloudy nature of the coincident mountains and vast water.

"Pa pinh top" in northwestern localiti

"Pa pinh top” (grilled fish), is a speciality of the Thai ethnic minority group in the northwestern region of Vietnam.

Taking the band wing Lau Sieu alcohol

(HBO) - In 2019, Lau Sieu alcohol was recognized as an 3-star OCOP product. This is a private trademark of Vi Thi Ton business household in Chieng Ha hamlet, Mai Ha commune (Mai Chau). With the hope that Lau Sieu alcohol would be sustainably developed, Ms. Vi Thi Ton's family has boldly expanded its scale and has applied the advanced technology in completing the product, using detoxification filter system in alcohol elements and the technology reducing the shock of alcohol before launching the product into the market.

Honouring Vietnam’s culinary culture

The word "banh mi” (Vietnamese bread) was admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, on March 24, 2011, showing the international community’s recognition for Vietnam’s culinary culture.

Cao Phong District: The tourism revenue in the first quarter has decreased by 48% compared to the same period

(HBO) - Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, Cao Phong district has actively promoted the propaganda, the implementation of disinfection spray and epidemic prevention and control measures in the district.

Being fluttered by the beauty of the tree line in Dam hamlet

(HBO) - This March is the most beautiful time of the eagle trees on the way to Dam hamlet, Dan Chu ward (Hoa Binh city). Anyone who loves the nature's beauty cannot stop going to Dam hamlet to see the line of eagle trees in the leaf - changing season with young shoots. The climate of the changing season is also the leaf-changing season. The peace of mind rests and feeling the transfer of the weather with the immense nostalgia and confusion.

Hoa Binh issues guidelines for receiving foreign guests amid COVID-19

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee issued Document No. 409/UBND-KGVX dated March 23 on serving international visitors.

Mai Chau district: Promoting craft occupation associated with tourism development

(HBO) - Occupations, craft villages and traditional trade villages are potentials and advantages of Mai Chau upland district. In particular, on the momentum of developing tourism, craft villages and traditional trade villages have created products with bold national identity and cultural values, helping domestic and international tourists coming here to have more experiences.

The ancient rose garden in Lac Thuy district - a highlight of tourism at Tien pagoda

(HBO) - There is a garden of immense ancient roses in An Ninh village, Phu Nghia commune (Lac Thuy). The garden was built about 4 years ago and the owner is Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu (born in 1968).

Discrimination against foreign tourists would be punished: PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said that any act of discrimination against foreign tourists would be strictly punished.

Cao Phong district has been developing community tourism

(HBO) - The scenery in Cao Phong – Muong Thang is beautiful, preserving many unique values in culture. Cao Phong has become the ideal destination for tourists for a long time. Giang Mo village, Binh Thanh commune is the first major tourism community in the district.

Hoa Binh’s travel firms advised to consider reception of European tourists

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Mai Chau district in the northwestern province of Hoa Binh on March 14 dispatched a notice on the reception of tourists to the locality.

Hoa Binh Lake a magnet to visitors

(HBO) - On August 1, 2016, the Prime Minister approved a master plan on the development of the Hoa Binh Lake National Tourism Site which serves as an important lever for disadvantaged areas along the lake to boost socio-economic development. After a long sleep, now Ngoi village in Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac district), Ke village in Hien Luong commune, Da Bia community tourism site in Tien Phong commune, and Sung village in Cao Son commune (Da Bac district) have became famous places on Vietnam's tourism map.

Improving the quality of the tourism accommodation facilities

(HBO) - Recently, the tourism sector has always paid attention to improving the quality of the accommodation facilities to bring satisfaction to tourists, making Hoa Binh an ideal destination of the North.

Tan Lac district calls for investment to develop tourism

(HBO) - In early 2019, Tan Lac district received over 458.6 million VND (19,757 USD) from the non-governmental organisation Action on Poverty (AOP) to develop community-based tourism. So far, the project has been carried out in two communes - Phu Cuong and Nam Son (now Van Son commune), which helped create livelihoods and improve local incomes.

Mai Chau district strives to ensure safety for visitors amid COVID-19 outbreak

(HBO) - The district’s steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control has kept in mind the motto "Fighting epidemic like fighting enemy” and made efforts to help people avoid panic attacks and remain alert at the same time.

Da Bia – one day without wife

(HBO) - Da Bia (now it is Duc Phong hamlet) - a community tourism destination of Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) has not only majestic mountains, charming rivers, friendly people, but it also has a special thing that hardly any place has it ...

Improving tourism within Hoa Binh lake

(HBO) - The policies and guidelines for tourism development are an important fulcrum to help tourism development within Hoa Binh lake. On August 1st, 2016, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1528/QD-TTg approving the master plan for development of the national tourism resort within Hoa Binh lake in Hoa Binh province up to 2030. Accordingly, the national tourism resort within Hoa Binh lake is located in Hoa Binh City and 4 districts including Da Bac, Cao Phong, Tan Lac and Mai Chau.

Tan Lac district has been attracting investment in tourism development

(HBO) - In early 2019, Tan Lac district was invested about 458,665,000 VND for the development of community tourism by the non-governmental organization AOP. Up to now, the project has been implemented in 2 community tourist sites in Phu Cuong and Nam Son communes (now it is Van Son commune). After a period of operation, the project has created the livelihoods and increased incomes for the local people.

Proactively and initiatively preventing and controlling Covid-19 to attract tourists

(HBO) - The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has seriously implemented documents of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Provincial People's Committee on the prevention and control of Covid-19. The Department requires all travel companies and tourism sites to be proactive and creative in applying many different solutions suitable to the locality to prevent and control Covid-19 to ensure safety for tourists.

Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City named in top 25 trending destinations for 2020

Vietnam’s central coastal city of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City were both named among the top 25 trending destinations in the world for 2020 by the world’s largest travel platform TripAdvisor.

Awakening Sung Island

(HBO) - Sung Island in Tien Phong Commune (Da Bac) is one of the most beautiful islands in the area of Hoa Binh Lake. The island has a total area of 133 hectares, located in the middle of the core zone of the plan for the development of Hoa Binh lake national tourism.

Chi Ne banknote printing factory – tourist attraction on spring days

(HBO) - As the first banknote printing factory of the Vietnamese revolutionary government which welcomed late President Ho Chi Minh twice and was recognized as a national historical relic site, the site has become a must-visit destination in a tour to Lac Thuy district, especially on spring days.