(HBO) - With the continuous achievements in the top of the district at the festivals and mass performances, Phong Phu commune (Tan Lac) has affirmed that the movement of mass performance has a strong vitality, it is not only a rich spiritual dish of the local people, but it also contributes to conserving, preserving and developing the national culture.

Cultural village celebrates Vietnam Family Day with various activities

The Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is celebrating Vietnam Family Day 2020 (June 28) with a string of activities this June, as announced by the village’s management board on June 2.

Kim Boi district has been preserving and promoting the value of the relics

(HBO) - Currently there is one relic ranked as the national level and there are five relics ranked as the provincial level in Kim Boi district. In recent years, the Party Committee, the authorities and the people of Kim Boi district have always paid attention to the conservation, the management and the promotion of the relics' values. A lot of relics have become tourism destinations, contributing to the development of tourism and making an important contribution to the local budget.

257 collectives honoured for meeting cultural standards for five consecutive years

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province on May 11 issued Decision No. 1054/QD-UBND on the grant of certificates to agencies, units and businesses that meet cultural standards for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019.

Hoa Binh honours winners of provincial badge design competition

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 19 awarded winners of the provincial design competition of badge "For the cause of Hoa Binh construction and development” and the poster contest promoting major public holidays and important historic events in 2020.

Hoa Binh city has been maintaining 130 sports and cultural clubs

(HBO) - After the implementation time of the social gap to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic, the sports and cultural clubs of the elderly in Hoa Binh City have been put back into operation from the end of April.

Keeping Muong's soul in the lyrics and the dances

(HBO) - Being present in the exchange between the poetry club "Remembering the Source” of Lac Son district and the members of the Literature Association (the provincial Literature and Culture Association), I immersed myself in Senh Tien and Luu Thuy dances, dancing with flowers and I was completely absorbed in Muong folk songs.

Collection of sketches on quarantine life published

‘Con Da Ve Nha’ (I’m Home), a collection of sketches by Nguyen Tang Quang during his quarantine time in Ho Chi Minh City, has recently been published by the Women Publishing House.

The unique features in housing of the Dao Tien ethnic people in Da Bac district

(HBO) - The housing architecture of Dao ethnic people is very diverse, depending on the group to live in the houses with ground floor or the ones with half floor and half land. Dao Tien ethnic people (Da Bac) often live in ground-floor houses with wooden walls and traditional palm-leaf roofs. They often build houses close to each other without covering walls to gather together.

There are 57 cultural and historical relics ranked at the provincial level in the whole province

(HBO) - According to the statistics, up to now there are 57 cultural and historical relics ranked at the provincial level and 41 national relics in the whole province. Over the past time, the protection and promotion of the value of the cultural heritage have been paid attention to by all the levels and the appropriate authorities. The province has directed the districts and the city to strengthen the management of the relics and the organization of the festivals in 2020.

Nam Phong commune has been building a cultural life at the grassroots level

(HBO) - In recent years, the movement "All people unite to build a cultural life” in Nam Phong commune (Cao Phong) has been actively and effectively implemented. The economy has been developing and the rural face has constantly been renewed, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life for the People.

Bringing popular folk songs in the life of Muong Bi people

(HBO) - The melody of Vi and Doi singing, lullabies, Thuong Rang and Bo Meng singing is now resounding, spreading along with the renewal of life throughout the villages of Muong Bi. They sing not only on the occasions of festivals, and cultural and artistic exchanges, Muong folk songs are becoming more and more popular through the lullabies, when men and women declaring their love to each other, Sac Bua singing in the festivals of early spring, Thuong Rang singing when working in the fields and gardens...

Truong Sa soldiers perform in COVID-19 music video

Some 200 people, including soldiers stationed in the Truong Sa (Spratly) Archipelago, health workers and artists, have performed together in a music video entitled Tu Hao Viet Nam (Proud of Vietnam).

Khang Dinh - new exemplary rural residential area

(HBO) -Khang Dinh is the only hamlet in Yen Mon commune, Hoa Binh city, to have been recognised as a new-style rural area, with its impressive green scenery.

Lac Son district: Effectively building the movement “All people unite to build a cultural life”

(HBO) - In 2019, there were 28,700 households in Lac Son district achieving the title of cultural family, reaching 83.1%. There were 252 residential areas being recognized as the cultural residential areas, gaining 82.5%, 155 agencies and units achieved the title of agencies and units meeting the cultural standards, reaching 98%, 8 communes meeting the standards of new rural areas, and 100% of the hamlets and the residential areas reviewed, renewed their conventions and regulations.

Mobile libraries help promote reading culture in Hoa Binh province

(HBO) - The Library of Hoa Binh province has deployed a number of multi-media mobile library trucks to bring knowledge to people in remote and far-flung areas, local schools, aiming to promoting reading culture in the community.

Traditional wrestling of Muong ethnic group

(HBO) - Muong ethnic group’s traditional wrestling is both an unique traditional folk game and a sport for youths. Every New Year when spring comes, Muong traditional wrestling is revived at festivals, apart from fun sports such as crossbow shooting, tug of war, stick pushing and volleyball.

The ancient bronze drums - a treasure of the Muong ethnic people in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - The bronze drum is a valuable asset considered a treasure left by the great grandparents, a symbol of the civilization and culture of Vietnam during the time of national construction. Hoa Binh is the province that has discovered and stored the second largest drums in the country, with two main types, including Heger drum type I(Dong Son drums) and Heger drum type II.

Vietnamese photographers win gold prizes at international competition

Vietnamese photographers have won 17 prizes in 10 out of 12 categories at the International Exhibition of Art Photography - Contrast 2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Vietnam Artistic Photographers' Association announced on April 2.

Television film highlights Vietnamese society during Covid-19 outbreak

A television film, titled "Unforgettable days”, will begin to air on VTV1 Channel on April 6, examining Vietnamese society during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Hoa Binh Literary and Artistic Association: Sublimating with identity

(HBO) - Hoa Binh is a mountainous province, which is home of numerous ethnic minority people. The colorful culture has suggested many interesting, unique and interesting topics for writers and artists inside and outside the province. Therefore, in recent years, the province's literature and art has been sublime.

Ceremony commemorates legendary ancestors of Vietnam

Authorities of the northern province of Phu Tho held a ceremony on March 29 to commemorate the legendary national ancestors of Vietnam, Father Lac Long Quan and Mother Au Co.

Preserving the culture of Dao ethnic community in Da Bac

(HBO) - Staying in low houses with palm or thatched roofs, knowing how to preserve the written and spoken language, the costumes and promoting the special customs and practices of their own minority are beautiful cultures of Dao ethnic community in Da Bac.

Meeting the artist who won the first prize in the national cheerleading painting to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Party's founding

(HBO) - Overcoming nearly 300 artists who are professional and amateur ones from 46 provinces and cities across the country with 365 competition entries, Mr. Nguyen Van Cong from the Center for Culture and Cinema of Hoa Binh province has been awarded the first prize for the work "Stepping under the glorious Party’s flag” – the prize for the propaganda campaign to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3rd, 1930 - February 3rd, 2020), organized by the local Culture Department (the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) coordinated with Vinh Phuc People's Committee in the middle of January.

Hoa Binh’s departments cooperate to strengthen education on local history and culture

(HBO) – Hoa Binh’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Department of Education and Training on March 17 signed a joint cooperation programme on educating people about local history and traditional culture through cultural heritages.