(HBO) - For Muong people, gongs are the soul and treasure. The sound of gongs has become an indispensable cultural activity in the spiritual life of Muong people. As a ward with nearly 40% of the Muong ethnic population, for many years, the Party Committee, the appropriate authorities and the people of Thai Binh Ward (Hoa Binh City) have always paid attention to the conservation and preservation of Gongs and Muong Gong culture.

The cultural-art exchange with the theme "The participation of the elderly people in building new rural and civilized urban areas"

(HBO) - In the evening of September 12, at the Cultural House of Hoa Binh City, the Provincial Elderly Association organized a night of cultural and arts exchanges with the theme "The participation of the elderly people in building new rural and civilized urban areas” in 2019. There were leaders from different departments and appropriate authorities of the province, the leaders from the People's Committees of the districts, the city and other levels of the Elderly Association in the province taking part in.

Dong Phong commune has been developing the movement of public arts

(HBO) - Dong Phong (Cao Phong) is known as a commune with the thriving movement of public art performance, which is always in the top of the district at festivals and cultural performances organized by the district.

The exciting movement of public arts in Hien Luong commune

(HBO) - Ms. Dinh Hai Luyen, the head of Ke hamlet's arts team, Hien Luong commune (Da Bac) says: there are a lot of key members in the arts team of Ke hamlet participating in the public arts performances, competitions, shows and festivals. With the enthusiasm and passion for lyrics and dance, 15 members of Ke hamlet's arts team are constantly practicing to create the unique performances. The arts team not only serves the people on the occasion of festivals and New Year but also serves tourists at the homestays.

Cultural exchange on islands, land borders in Dung Phong commune

(HBO) - Hoa Binh Provincial Union has cooperated with Cao Phong district to organize a cultural program to propagate revolutionary songs and communication about the sea and islands and land borders at Dung Phong commune.

Hanoi offers diverse entertainment during Mid Autumn Festival

A myriad of activities are taking place in Hanoi on the occasion of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Vietnamese handicrafts introduced in London

(HBO) - Vietnamese handicrafts are being introduced at London’s international fair - Top Drawer 2019 -held in London from September 8 to 10.

Cultural exchange to celebrate National Day 2/9 between Thinh Lang ward and Ngoc Vung island

(HBO) - Celebrating the 74th National Day on September 2, at the headquarters of Thinh Lang ward in Hoa Binh city, the night of cultural exchange between officials and people of Thinh Lang ward and the people of Ngoc Vung island commune in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.

Hoa Binh won 11 culture and tourism awards in the 14th Northwest Cultural, Sports and Tourism Festival

(HBO) - Participating in the 14th Northwest Cultural, Sports and Tourism Festival in Son La Province - 2019, Hoa Binh delegation joined 6 contents.

Cultural exchange to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the National Day of September 2 and the establishment of the Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Sector

(HBO) - On August 27, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs held a performance program to celebrate the 74th National Day of September 2 and the 74th anniversary of the traditional day of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (August 28, 1945 - August 28, 2019).

The public art festival ‘Keep singing the marching song’of Hoa Binh city

(HBO) - On August 26, Hoa Binh City People's Committee held the public art festival with the theme ‘Keep singing the marching song’. More than 400 artists from 15 communes and wards in Hoa Binh City participated in the public art festival.

Urgently bringing the project "Teaching and learning the spoken language and writing of Muong ethnic people" into life

(HBO) - After a period of thorough research and careful preparation, the scheme "Teaching and learning the spoken language and writing of Muong ethnic people" was issued, bringing new hope and expectation for preserving the national cultural identity of the locality as well as promoting the potentials and internal strengths of Muong cultural identity.

60 people participated in the Muong gong teaching class

(HBO) - Community Learning Center, Women's Union, Youth Union of Thai Binh ward (Hoa Binh City) has cooperated with Muong Cultural Heritage Museum to organize a Muong teaching class for 60 people. These are 10-15 year old students and a group of women and youth members (25-35 years old).

Hoa Binh prepares for culture, tourism week

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of the northwestern mountainous province of Hoa Binh has convened a meeting to prepare for the culture and tourism week slated for November.

300 artists join Mai Chau’s art performance festival

(HBO) - Mai Chau district recently organised an art performance festival for the masses, themed ‘Keep singing the marching song’. The event attracted the participation of 300 artists from 13 communes and towns across the district.

Lap communal house – venue of first congress of Hoa Binh Party Committee

(HBO) – Lap communal house was previously located in Ha Bi commune, now Lap Chieng commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province. From May 21-25, 1948, the first congress of the provincial Party Committee took place there. This was an important historical and political event which marked the maturity of the provincial Party Committee in the resistance war against French colonialists.

The floating stream of hair in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - It is strange that at the time of the increasingly urgent and hasty life, there are still many women in the province who are still faithful and passionate nurturing their hair and feeling happy when having beautiful long hair, making a lot of people lovesick.

Traditional rattan, bamboo weaving sustained in Bui hamlet

(HBO) - Rattan and bamboo weaving in Bui hamlet of Nhan Nghia commune (Lac Son district) dates back hundreds of years. Over generations, local craftsmen have always worked hard to ensure sophistication and uniqueness of each product.

The exciting movement of the public performance in Cao Phong district

(HBO) - The festival of the public performance in Cao Phong district in 2019 has really become a festival of the actors, the artisans and the people of Cao Phong district. With over 60 featured songs, dances and music performed by the public performing arts teams, the festival has brought a rich colorful picture, introducing the special local culture and has left a lot of emotions for the viewers.

The unique art of driftwood and ornamental stones in Lam Son commune

(HBO) - The craft of driftwood and ornamental stone has been in Lam Son commune (Luong Son) for over 20 years. From some initial households, the production facilities have been developing rapidly in both the scale and the quality of making fine art products from wood and stone. Every day he artisans and skilled workers are making the different types of tree roots and ornamental stones into the tables, chairs, shelves, beds, and high-quality mascots conquering the market and opening up the opportunities for the local sustainable economic development.

The public art performance and the amateur stage theater in Luong Son district

(HBO) - Luong Son district has just organized the public art performance and the amateur stage theater in cluster 1 in 2019. Nearly 200 actors and musicians of 9 amateur art groups representing Cao Thang, Cao Duong, Hop Thanh, Thanh Luong, Long Son, Hop Chau, Tan Thanh, Trung Son and Thanh Lap communes have participated in the show.

Hoa Binh reviews culture, sports and tourism work in H1

(HBO) - The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh province has organised a conference to review the culture, sports, tourism and family work in the first half of 2019, and discuss orientations for implementing the work in the second half.

The singing festival of the employees and the officials of Mai Chau district in 2019

(HBO) - Mai Chau district has just organized the singing festival of the employees and the workers to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Trade Union (July 28, 1929 - July 28, 2019).

Hoa Binh city public art festival in 2019

(HBO) - Hoa Binh City organized the public art festival in 2019. The festival attracted 15 teams from 15 communes and wards with over 200 actors and propagandists.