(HBO) – Over the past years, late President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching that "smart mass mobilisation secures every success” has been the lodestar helping the entire political system in Cao Phong district effectively carry out mass mobilisation.

Hoa Binh signs agreement with Viettel in digital transformation

(HBO) – Secretary of the Hoa Binh provincial Party’s Committee Ngo Van Tuan led a delegation to pay a working visit to military-run telecom group Viettel’s headquarters on March 11, during which both sides signed an agreement for cooperation in digital transformation.

Hoa Binh Campaign - great motivation for development

(HBO) - The great victory of the Hoa Binh Campaign 70 years ago still maintains its value at present, and the victory's spirit is being upheld in the cause of building and protecting the country in general and Hoa Binh province in particular.

Hoa Binh promotes online delivery of public services for residence registration

(HBO) – Since early January, Phung Nhu Hoa, owner of a motel in Huu Nghi ward (Hoa Binh city), has no longer needed to visit the ward police station to make declarations of guest stays at her facility daily. Now she can just do it from her home using a mobile phone with internet access.

Vu Binh commune implements Party’s resolutions to boost local development

(HBO) – The Party organisation of Vu Binh commune (Lac Son district) consists of 28 Party cells with 467 Party members. In the recent past, aside from enhancing COVID-19 prevention and control, it has taken steps to carry out Party congresses’ resolutions, helping boost its socio-economic development and improve people’s living standards.

Tu Ne commune achieves facelift thanks to Directive No.5

(HBO) – The 260-member Party organisation of Tu Ne commune, Tan Lac district has made all-out efforts in translating the Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW on promoting studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style into reality and positively impacting people’s awareness and action to give a facelift to the commune.

Hoa Binh steps up citizen reception, settlement of complaints

(HBO) – Hoa Binh has been paying greater attention to enhancing the role and responsibility of heads of Party committees and administrations in organising meetings and dialogues with citizens, settling complaints and denouncements, and promote the role of Fatherland front committees and socio-political organisations as supervisors to governmental bodies in terms of their observance to regulations and policies related to the rights and interests of people.

A facelift to Bac Phong

(HBO) – In early days of the spring, we visited Bac Phong commune in Cao Phong district and witnessed its new look of big concrete roads, standard cultural facilities, and nice houses.

Provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board discusses major socio-economic issues

(HBO) – Secretary of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee Ngo Van Tuan, who is also a member of the Party Central Committee and head of the National Assembly deputies’ delegation of the province, chaired the monthly meeting of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board on February 24. The event discussed many important issues on local socio-economic development.

Patriotism campaign observed in Tan Lac district

(HBO) – After the ‘Khai ha’ (going down the field) festival held on the eighth day of the lunar year, people in Phong Phu commune of Tan Lac district begin tasks of the new year.

Hung Son commune strives for progress in economic development

(HBO) – With five out of 12 its hamlets classified as extremely disadvantaged, Hung Son Commune (Kim Boi District) has been prioritising the implementation of action programmes to make considerable progress in economic development over the last year.

Winners of 6th Golden Hammer and Sickle Award announced in Hoa Binh

(HBO) – Winners of Hoa Binh province’s Bua Liem Vang (Golden Hammer and Sickle) Award 2021, the sixth press award on Party building, have been announced.

Young people of Hoa Binh proudly join armed forces

(HBO) – like others nationwide, all the district-level localities in Hoa Binh province organised the hand-over ceremonies for new recruits in 2022 in the morning of February 16.

Provincial Party Committee''s standing board work with leaders of VBSP

(HBO) – Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and head of the provincial delegation of National Assembly (NA) deputies Ngo Van Tuan, Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Bui Duc Hinh; Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Toan; and leaders of departments, agencies on February 17 joined a working session with a delegation of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policy (VBSP) led by its General Director Duong Quyet Thang regarding the allocation of social policy credit in the province.

Binh leaders meet press agencies, artists on the occasion of Lunar New Year

(HBO) – Standing members of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee held a gathering on February 18 with press agencies and outstanding artists on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. The event was attended by Ngo Van Tuan - member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and head of the National Assembly deputies’ delegation of Hoa Binh; Bui Duc Hinh - Standing Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council; and Nguyen Van Toan - Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.

Resolution on sustainable development of agriculture, farmers, rural areas

(HBO) – Resolution No.26-NQ/TW dated August 5, 2008 by the 10th-tenure Party Central Committee on agriculture, farmers and rural areas has changed the way of thinking, production methods, infrastructure, and lives of Hoa Binh farmers.

Congratulations to newly-appointed bishop of Hung Hoa Diocese

(HBO) – Deputy Director of the Hoa Binh provincial Department of Home Affairs Nguyen Dinh Tu visited the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hung Hoa on February 11 to extend congratulations to its newly-appointed residential bishop, Father Dominic Hoang Minh Tien.

Hoa Binh promotes studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh's moral example

(HBO) – The provincial Party Organisation of Hoa Binh province has effectively implemented the Politburo’s Directive No. 05 on promoting the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style in association with the Party Central Committee's resolutions on Party building. It has left a positive effect on officials, party members and people, thus multiplying new ways of doing things and good values, contributing to the building of a strong party organisation and socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh determined to fulfill socio-economic development tasks

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province held a regular meeting on February 10 under the chair of Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's Committee by Bui Van Khanh, during which officials affirmed their determination to fulfil socio-economic development targets in 2022.

10 achievements and outstanding results of Hoa Binh province in 2021

(HBO) - In 2021, Covid-19 pandemics continued spreading globally, profoundly and comprehensively affecting all aspects of socio-economic life. In that context, the Party Committee, the government, the armed forces, the business communities and the people of all ethnic groups in the province have promoted the spirit of solidarity, innovation, creativity, implementing many drastic solutions to synchronously and effectively realize the "dual goal” of preventing, controlling and repelling the epidemic as well as performing the tasks of socio-economic development, ensuring the social security and safety. Hoa Binh newspaper has selected 10 outstanding achievements and results of the province in 2021.

Hoa Binh leaders launch tree planting festival in Luong Son

(HBO) – A tree planting festival for the Year of the Tiger was launched on February 7, or the seventh day of the lunar new year, at a relic site where late President Ho Chi Minh visited the Chi Hoa Manufacturing Group in Doc Phan village, Lam Son commune of Hoa Binh’s Luong Son district.

The aspirartion for Spring

(HBO) - A new spring is coming all over the country. The spring of innovation, the spring of efforts to overcome difficulties, new ways of doing things, the breakthrough thinking to build the future. From the city, the towns, the townships to the remote villages, the spring colors are bustling, the people's hearts are elated, the happiness spreads and warms in each family, towards a good and peaceful future.

The delegation of the provincial leaders has offered incense at Uncle Ho''''s Monument and visited the Martyrs Cemetery of Hoa Binh Campaign

(HBO) - On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger in 2022 and the 92nd Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2022), in the morning of January 28th, the delegation of the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, The Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front led by Mr. Ngo Van Tuan, the Member of the Central Committee of the Party, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Delegation, placed the wreaths, offered incense at Uncle Ho's Monument and visited the Memorial Cemetery of Hoa Binh Campaign.

Leaders must change way of thinking, perceptions on digital transformation

(HBO) - Digital transformation has gradually become an irreversible trend, opening up unprecedented development opportunities as well as challenges and requirements for self-adjustment to seize these opportunities for each country, each economy, each organisation and each individual.

Emulation drives contribute to socio-economic development

(HBO) – The provincial People's Committee of Hoa Binh province held a conference to review the emulation and reward work in 2021 and launch the patriotic emulation campaign for 2022. Bui Van Khanh, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, chaired the event.